Richard Stone was born in the West Midlands and grew up on the south coast of England.  He began drawing and painting from an early age finding a talent for modelling in clay as easily as painting.  He began his training at Hastings College of Art in 1984 and subsequently attended Croydon College of Art where he studied ceramics.

He moved back to Hastings and had several solo exhibitions of paintings at local galleries whilst working at David Sharp Pottery in Rye.

Also a talented musician, he became absorbed in the local sub culture and this led to various commisions for album covers, tee shirt graphics, posters and tattoo designs.

From 2001 to 2008 Richard embarked on a series of commisions of large murals in private homes, bars, salons and hotels in England, Denmark, Spain and India.  Some of the most spectacular murals can be seen at Sisu Hotel in Puerto Banus, Spain

He has a wide variety of influences mainly centred around his passion for figurative realism. and is inspired by American illustration, photo realism, portraiture and Spanish masters such as Velasquez and Zurbaran. His style of painting is as varied as his influences with particular emphasis on harmonic colour and atmospheric realism.

He has recently moved to London and has been concentrating on private commissions and selling his paintings and mural designs to shops and restaurants in and around London.